2 Popular Formulas

2 Popular Baccarat Formulas

Many people think that betting on the banker’s side or the player’s side alone is not difficult. But we should not underestimate this kind of stabbing. because if stabbed at the right time We might beat the game and win a substantial amount of prize money. The betting process is as follows:

• Consider the tendency of the side to win the game. You can look back on old statistics from the first eye to the last eye. And when we find that which side has a greater chance of winning, then keep stabbing that side all the time.

• If this side is wrong for 3 consecutive eyes, don’t just stab the 4th eye, wait for the new stroke that the result of the cards will be out on our side again. When the result is out, let us continue betting immediately.

• Set the expected profit target. And when the target is achieved, change the room immediately, where 5 units is the most recommended target. Do not force to continue playing because it is profitable. Because if we continue to play, the result may change, causing us to lose money.

• When starting to bet correctly about 2 times, wait for a new stroke immediately, for example, we bet on the banker’s side and win 2 consecutive eyes, should stop waiting for the result to go to the player’s side And when the result comes back to the dealer again, start stabbing again

2. Formula according to the card layout

Of course, there are different types of baccarat cards. Each form has a specific term for calling and the cards that are issued differently. Which the cards that we often see often in the game are as follows:

• Dragon is the card that is most often drawn in every card layout. It is a consecutive win of either side, such as the banker’s side, 6 consecutive draws, which in the history of baccarat games used to be the most to 18 in a row.

• Ping-Pong is a card layout that is cut off alternately of both 2 The same side hits ping-pong, such as the dealer > player > banker > player like this and so on.

• A pair of cards is the result of a pair of cards and then cut to the other side, such as the dealer, the dealer > the player > the player > the dealer >

• hit and cut is the side that produces consecutive results until a tie and then switch sides, such as the dealer > dealer > banker > draw > player > player > player

• fringe is to draw consecutive cards of one side. Then switch to the other side consecutively instead, such as the dealer > the dealer > the dealer > the dealer > the player > the dealer > the banker > the banker > the dealer > the player > the player > the player > the player

• The banker is the card that comes out to the dealer side. and so on

• If the player is not dealt out the players so well.

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