Advantages and Disadvantages of the River Martingale

As mentioned in the previous article, Reverse martingale money movement It is a method of making money that is the opposite of a martingale movement, that is, when the bet is correct, it will take the capital plus the profit to play the second time. When wrong or right until satisfied, will go back to start counting 1 again.


– Use less capital to play. But if it’s cheap, it’s going to be a high profit. But wrong will lose only 1 unit

– if the better placed incorrectly in succession, it will lose less, for example, if placed 5 times in a row, it will lose only 5 units. Disadvantages

– if you rollover without your own limit when wrong All come will lose back as well.


– Place bets in a row. When the guess is correct, the gambler does not need to continue betting immediately. May wait to bet in a confident eye and then can continue placing bets

– The gambler should carefully observe the card game format. or betting slots that are often played in a row, such as the notice card layout or the table tennis card When you meet a beautiful card dealer Gamblers will use this money-walking formula to make quick profits

– this money-walking formula. considered high risk Whenever the wrong bet will lose all the profits that have been returned, so if it is correct, it should not be rolled over often. to be satisfied with what is acquired and split the profit separately from the capital and walk the steps again until the desired profit target is achieved

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