Online marketing is very important. Whether it’s text marketing. Letters, photos, or videos that are currently trending. In addition to allowing widespread access to consumers, it also provides wide access to consumers. It’s also cost-effective. By the benefit of online marketing. The following are:

  1. Reach many customers

Online is a world of borderless communication. Online marketing makes it more accessible to groups of people. It can also reach specific customers or target customers to distribute products on the spot or meet the needs of consumers.

  1. Create a good image

It creates a positive image for the business and helps make the product more memorable. In addition, online channels can be used to create sales teams or reseller systems to distribute products to people who know more about the brand.

  1. Use low cost

Online marketing, in addition to getting more people to know about products or buy services, is also a good way to get to know more about products or buy services. It is also a very low-cost channel. On the other hand, it can be quite profitable and very effective. For small businesses that don’t have much capital, it’s a good choice.

  1. 24-hour marketing

Another advantage of online marketing is that it can be marketed 24 hours a day. There are no holidays because online there is no sleep. Anyone can access it at any time. Facilitates 24/7 trading

  1. Easy measurement

Online marketing can be easily measured with tools that have been invented or developed specifically to support this service. For example, advertising on Google Ads with analytics can show results from all kinds of ads on Google Ads, so you don’t have to waste time analyzing or plotting graphs yourself.

  1. Build a good relationship

Online marketing is about creating good relationships between buyers and sellers. Whether it’s after-sales consulting services or inquiries about all kinds of usage problems, especially AI technology, which has come in with more articles by Chabot systems that make faces with customers or can deal with a large number of customers effectively.

however, Marketers have discovered that consumers don’t like advertising in too straightforward ways because it can be boring. In other words, today’s marketers also discover that advertising in the form of text or text is often less popular. Meanwhile, communication or advertising through images is more popular. However, the most popular online advertisement right now is video presentations, such as viral clips, that are shared overnight.

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