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During the opening of the new year 2021, the flow of making online business very busy People are interested in opening new businesses. or seriously expanding the business into online sales channels Anyone who ever thought last year was serious, let me tell you that this year is even more serious

But starting an online business is very easy. He fell off his horse and died when he actually did it. Because they missed out on important initial details, everyone doesn’t know, but people who have passed by already know If you are planning to start a new business. to do business online or thinking of opening online store In order to expand your existing business, there are 10 things you should know before starting an online business. Or business now seriously

1. Focus on customers, understand the market,
people who want to be entrepreneurs or business owners. almost a hundred You already know what you want to sell.
Therefore, the focus that deserves a lot of attention is the “customer” who these people are. Take the time to study his age, gender, occupation, and interests. What is the average income? purchase frequency or information that are thought to affect their product consumption behavior

Then later come to look at the “market” that in the market you are interested in. How many competitors are there, what do they do, how do you sell them, how much are they priced, why, is this market worth playing with, etc. List your competitors. and study one by one The easiest way to find out is Competitors’ websites and social media which if anyone still can’t figure out what to sell Looking at potential buyers or customers is also a good way to get started Caution is Don’t give too much time to the finer details. Because it will waste time or opportunity to move forward or start a business seriously. Some things you can pick up later

2. Have a business plan,
you know what to sell. who is the customer What is the market or competitor like? Use all the information you have to create a concrete business plan. Because business planning is a very important part of success.

This business plan doesn’t have to be as thick as 20 pages, but it should have key components like clear workflow working time frame and indicators of progress in work To help you see where your business is going in the entire plan. Or is there any point that needs to be corrected or another interesting channel to go?

3. Know the level of funding available.
Capital or investment is very important. The larger the business target, the more The more you need to know the details of the available funds and the use of funds, the more. Because there is a very high chance that the business will run out of capital before it starts selling to receive money from customers

especially businesses that plan to grow into large businesses Because most of these businesses do more product testing, market testing, and research than small businesses. Therefore, it should be known that will be used to invest without refund during this period or business language, how long to burn money, or where or how to get more capital during this initial phase.
This may sound distant or indistinct to you. But if you don’t think about it When the accident happened, it was really unexpected. Most of them are often not corrected in time. It has become an unfortunate mistake

4. Appreciate the value of the products and services sold.
Whether you sell 20 baht per pack of snacks or thousands of baht per box of premium food. If you decide to sell You must fully understand the value and necessity of the product. To advertise to convey to the target audience or customers to see the same image as you as much as possible. or say in the local language that “Inner must have it” regardless of whether what is being sold is a necessary product/service or not

5. In addition to understanding the product details would be nice.

Once the business owner understands and communicates well, the feeling of “believe” in the product is also a particularly important force. at the start of the sale that customers or the general public have never seen your product or actually experience your service
for many businesses Value visibility also plays a role in determining the selling price. And most of the time, when the value is glorified, the higher the price, the higher it is

When the business is clearly in shape is ready to enter the online platform This step should be accompanied by a brand or company name. Choose a brand name that can be used as a website name.
or if the business has existed a long time ago Instead, use that name but may add words that describe the product or service being sold, such as (Sandwich supplies store with recipes for merchants to open the shop) or (Services of a network of masseuses for health at home or desired location throughout Thailand)

6. Use Social media
Today, people of all genders and ages use social media almost as much as the actual population in the world, especially Thai people. Found some social media usage data at the beginning of 2020 from Hootsuite. Interesting summary:
• Thailand has the 8th most Facebook users in the world at 47 million accounts (out of the total population of almost 70 million people)
• Thai people use Instagram as the 17th most in the world, at 12 million, increasing from 700,000 from the previous quarter
• Thai people use Twitter more than 6.6 million accounts, the 15th most in the world

. Thai people use social media a lot and use it in many channels. Therefore, product advertising or brand promotion to be recognized online should have social media as one of the tools.
Instead, it should primarily be used to create brand and product awareness to bring customers to your business website platform. to reduce dependence on social media at the same time

Because while using social media for business is a good thing and should be done. But every online platform tends to adjust its systems or algorithms (Algorithm) all the time, especially social media that is more frequent and difficult to control than websites.
A simple analogy is that using social media is like renting a house or staying at someone else’s house. No matter what, they can’t fully control or manage anything. For this reason, quite a few business brands are trying to use social advertising methods. Attract customers to continue to see content on the website as much as possible

7. Create a list of customer contact information.
believe it or not Many online businesses Can’t just use social media channels to contact real customers. Even every business has its own social media

Because even social media channels have a targeted advertising shooting system. But for businesses that are expensive products. have long term value or want to maintain a customer base Usually use more email or line, or at least use line together
because of these 2 channels, email or line. It is a channel that directly identifies customers and can know their feedback more clearly. including responding to customers more quickly

Businesses that want to grow online should also build a customer database. If possible, we still have to try to maintain and find customer information on an ongoing basis. For the simple reason that if there are customers, there will be income when income comes in. It’s like the business will grow

8. Service plans or welcome customers
When businesses enter the online world That means the beginning of customers pouring in from all over the world. A business that intends to market online or has its own storefront in the Internet world. Therefore, there should be a plan to manage customer interactions coming from online channels. To promote sales or create an understanding and impression of the business brand that can lead to future purchases (conversions)

such as response messages or inviting customers to visit the website. The staff will answer questions from customers who chat in the chat box within the website, Facebook page, LINE OA, etc.
, responding to customer emails. or even answering questions or questions of customers on the web forums Pages or other social groups related to your business. It is considered good customer service and should not be neglected as well

9. Variety of product/service options.
There is no business in the world that can sell a single product and survive or grow it for a long time. Whether it’s Apple company that has to release new iPhone models every year, Microsoft can’t stop itself at just selling Windows software, but chooses to develop cutting-edge hardware.
The same goes for your business. From the day of starting a business You must know how to develop the product, create value or add variety in another way. which every product, whether it is a product or a service, has a way to develop together
or study consumer trends If you are not sure how to extend the product or sell something good such as
• a society where the number of elderly people will increase Fewer birth rates
• More singles, more married/unmarried/unmarried people
• More health conscious
• More interest in financial literacy

10. Promotion that earns returns
The reality of the business world is There are no promotions that do not expect a return. and making promotions and being a different story Unexpected giving should not be used for selling business. (Even corporate social activities or CSR is also an activity to promote corporate image. All business activities have a cost.
Every time you do a promotion, you should set goals or objectives for what purpose. What is the expected result and how much? Common promotions such as free giveaways, buy 1 get 1 free or seasonal promotions. Most of the goals are:
• Public relations of the company or products and services to be known
• Promotion
• Selling more products
• Distribution of products to different groups of consumers
• Retaining existing customers
• Creating customer groups. new

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