If you want to start a business this years

It’s also important that we start our business and help solve any problems. Who has the opportunity to be our customer? Our products or services are more attractive than our competitors? Why don’t people pay When you answer a rough question, you may feel nervous, but if you look at this from a new angle. Competitor’s business is a real love and last problem. Is our team capable enough to succeed?

If you have problems with venture capital, let’s try to work with different adults. You have the opportunity to invest in our business and we should be prepared to understand the investment. How to make investors have confidence in our business philosophy can be supported by information

1. What is the future market prospect?

2. How do we make marketing plans for our customers?

3.How many months do we need to start making money?

4.When we need more second funds, how much do we think?

5.What backup plan do we have to deal with the quota situation?

6.What’s our business plan for the next 24 months?

For example, low-cost businesses can start, such as books, clothes, furniture, rooms or parking lots. The analysis shows that there are many different market spaces, not many players. Selling art or crafts through websites
In addition, there are more products within the quota range, which enables us to adapt to the business in 2021.

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