online business is placed on working

online business Emphasis is placed on working online. Able to work through mobile phones Our business is online sales. Emphasis is placed on food supplements, cosmetics and personal appliances Frequently Asked Questions about online business

Never sell. Will I be able to sell it?
Don’t worry because online business We have an online marketing teaching system by teaching through Facebook, Line groups and having training at the company. optional If training at the company will arrange to join the training for free without any cost. In which the dealers will participate in online marketing techniques training. Facebook Advertising as well as various line directly with experts

online business Is it a network marketing business (MLM) or not?
online business not network business (Not a direct sales business or MLM)
No balance.
No pressure at all

do business online Do I have to invest in buying products to come to stock or not?
who is a distributor No need to invest in stock, even if you only buy 1 piece, you can buy products at dealer prices. Which can be sold for retail profits up to 80% in the

case of customers buying products from us who are online businessmen Do we have to pay for the shipping ourselves?
Agents do not have to pay for shipping by themselves, the company will be responsible for all shipping costs. The company has a computer system that when the data entry agent orders them to address the products directly to the customers. The company will be the person who manages the stock, product packaging. and delivery of goods on our behalf We dealers have a duty to just find customers and when customers Buy the product and transfer money to us. We just come to key in the order. (transfer only the cost of the agent price The profit we keep for ourselves) only.


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