Playing Baccarat Online and Counting Baccarat Points 

Playing Baccarat Online and Counting Baccarat Points


baccarat to play


The easiest to explain is Baccarat cards are dealt. The minimum for the banker and the player is 2 cards each, which must bring the total face value of the cards as close to the number 9 as possible, whichever side is closest to that side will win. The player doesn’t have to think much, just chooses to bet. whether to bet on the player’s side to win Or the banker side wins like this, as for other matters whether to draw additional cards or calculating points Everything the dealer or the dealer will deal with. Strictly follow the rules of the game of Baccarat.


Players can choose to bet on the banker’s side, the player’s side, or a tie, and currently there are even bets on the pair side. The main point of the game is Just to guess which side will win closest to 9, that’s it


counting the points on the cards.


Cards whose face numbers are 2 to 9, count the points accordingly. Face cards have a numerical value, but for Aces, H has a value of 1, and face cards such as J, Q, K are equal to 0, and face cards of 10 are equal to 0.


Normal face value calculations


Then Baccarat cards will be dealt 2 cards, up to 3 cards in case of drawing more. Bring all the numbers together. If the total exceeds 9, cut the ten digits out to only the unit digits, for example, assuming the player’s side gets two cards, 7 and 9, totaling 16, meaning that these two cards have only points. 6 points, where the maximum possible total is 9. This is calculated again on the banker’s side. If the banker side has a total score of more than 6, it wins. For example, the banker side has 1 and 8 cards totaling 9, then the player has 6, the banker has 9. In this way, the dealer wins.

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