A simple baccarat technique.

looking at the cards, baccarat, this word for those who have played baccarat for a while will know each other very well. As for those who have just entered this industry, I will briefly explain to you about the cards, what are the forms and how? There are about 8 decks of cards, 1 deck or 1 suit. Let’s continue with the card layout. The card layout is a card pattern that comes out repeatedly or has similar characteristics. Which allows us to predict in the next round the cards will go in which direction. It’s similar to weather forecasting, or in other words, it’s keeping statistics about the cards being issued. So I took the form of the cards that we are familiar with. and most will come to see often Let’s take an example for you to see.

1. Dragon cards.

The card style that we are familiar with is the dragon. That’s it, people call it a dragon card, a dragon card, it has both advantages and disadvantages. Let me explain briefly. First of all, the word dragon tail came. or the dragon card came Where do we call a dragon? That’s me personally. will see if the dragon’s tail comes or not I will look at the card format including transparent, dashed and solid (don’t be confused, all newbies are single. Details will be written to read again) It’s in the point that it’s too much. For example, normally the natural card layout will not be more than 2-3, but it starts with 4-5, and then other characters such as transparent, dashed and opaque. It’s all beautiful Like that, they have the right to go up the dragon’s tail. This is just an example. Because in real situations, there are many factors that make the card go up the dragon’s tail. please wait In a moment, I’ll go into depth about the dragon card, and then that dragon card. It’s not there for us to play all the time. some rooms have dragons Some rooms do not have it. Depends on the date, time and occasion.

2. Ping pong cards.

if comparing that the dragon card is the monk himself It’s a beautiful heroine. Because many people will only know these 2 cards. Characteristics of ping-pong cards. There will be a pattern that alternates continuously. It’s like that we hit ping-pong and fight back and forth, probably no one will hit ping-pong 3 times and hit like volleyball, maybe hehe. This card is a simple card that we can guess the game of the dealer as well. But like I said, how do we look at Ping Pong? That’s the question Each person has a different answer. Some people say alternately, for example, PBP is already ping pong. my personal Will look at the card layout of many rooms before, for example, today’s card format is PPBPBPP like this, even if it alternates 3 rounds, I still don’t call it ping-pong. I call it the hole cards as part of a single hole explain it below

3. hole cards.

Different people call this card differently. It’s up to Sian. The characteristics of this card layout are The card is a hole as the name suggests. For example, PP-B-PP-B-PP like this. This kind of card can make money as well, but this kind of card will make money more complicated, different from 2 cut and 3 cut. But if you understand its cycle and then some strokes make us very confident until it can be poured into the lap Yes, this kind of card is like a double-edged sword if the timing is accurate. just one tree That’s enough. Easy there are almost every 1-hole type of cards. It’s not difficult to find. However, try to understand it well. Then you will enjoy it. Oh….So I would like to collect 2 holes and 3 holes in the same category as well. For example, 2 holes such as PP-BP-BB-PB-PP The example of 3 wells is PP-BPB-PP-BPB-PP. about this

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