Weaknesses Baccarat makes a profit of 90%.

Weaknesses of Baccarat must be said before that. Every game, every casino has its vulnerabilities, but the camps have different weaknesses. which if anyone understands or follows my article It is enough to know that I play baccarat mainly from reading the dealer’s games. It might be difficult but it sure is. Of course, everyone wants money.

Whether it is a player, including the owner of an online casino website as well. There are no dealers or online casino owners anywhere. Let’s open the web for us to play in order to give away our money.

Weaknesses, how to learn baccarat?

In regard to the weaknesses of baccarat You have to start from the way you think. I’ve written in an article about the baccarat formula. and baccarat As I said from the beginning The dealer also wants money. So then we just change from viewing baccarat card layout Come and see the dealer instead. But….not that we are looking at the dealer’s cards. Then you will be able to play for money. Because looking at the baccarat card layout is important and should be known as well,

which is the weak point here, the dealer cannot close it for sure. because as said We play with profit-loss, which my way of thinking is different from that of others who try to record statistics. Trying to make a baccarat formula out. or even write Baccarat cheat program to beat the dealer So I said that it doesn’t work. No matter how good we

are, how good the program is. The dealer just changed the way of playing. or the way of issuing cards is over Baccarat cheat program is still ruined and as many people see like this You probably know each other.

Have you noticed? The first to play using a baccarat cheat program I got money, but later There is only waste and waste The more you play, the more you lose. That’s it, that’s what tells you that you’re not stupid. And the dealer tried to beat us too. Who would want to pay someone else’s money?

We already know that the dealer wants money. Shows what we need to look at. At this point, think about it!! Can you figure it out? If you still can’t figure it out, I’ll tell you. We have to look at the banker’s investment because the casino is a type of business that requires investment. and hope to be profitable already We go to play baccarat, we

hope to make a profit, so I say that we just change from thinking that it is gambling, baccarat is an investment. Which is not much different from us trading stocks. Now let’s turn around and think a bit. I already know that it is an investment, which the entrepreneur hopes to make a profit from it. Now, will he rely on his luck to make a

profit from it? The answer is “no”. So we know that it’s a weakness or a loophole. Baccarat is the profit of the dealer

Starting from before we know the weakness of Baccarat. Or to call it that is not entirely correct. We might call it the dealer’s weak point. Well, we already know that the banker wants profit. I choose to take more money to pay less. We have a profit Is it correct? Therefore, the number of players or the number of people who bet is important. Do not

overlook. As for which camps do not have statistics here, I don’t know. I will explain as far as I know.

So let’s play on the side with a small bet!!! This is what everyone thinks, right? But if it’s easy like that, that’s good. The dealer is not that stupid because if he chooses to eat a lot of bets on the side only, who wants to come and play again, is that right? Play and lose. Who wants to play? It’s me who won’t play it because the chance of winning is

very small. Therefore, you have a stick that fools us. It’s like taking a small fish to catch a bigger one. That’s it. Here I have explained it many times. In various articles, try to find them and read them.

So what should I do now? How does the card work? It’s simple, the dealer, he already knows that people who play baccarat like us have statistics, known as baccarat formulas, that’s why we need to know the basics, such as reading the cards. or even baccarat money It is necessary to know that here we will only be left to play according

to or against him. Here, I will not explain, because I have already written about baccarat with a small capital. Anyway, if you finish reading this article, try to read other articles as well. Because of my article that it is linked and will understand more baccarat

I must say that This is a personal opinion. It’s mine only. As for what other people will think, I don’t know. I’m not saying that everything that has been written is here, everyone must believe me. Because I believe that people who read here are able to consider themselves without having to be influenced by anyone. I just want to present

Just what I think and play in this way. I hope that this article should be useful to some readers, more or less.

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